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The Benefits of Restaurant iPad POS systems

By January 13, 2019 No Comments

After you setup your account, you and your employees will instantly be able to use your iPad POS system to assist your customers.

When evaluating your point of sale (POS) options, you might think that an iPad POS system cannot compete with the level of depth that a full, PC-based system offers. This is a misconception. Many restaurant POS systems are designed especially for iPads. These systems let you conduct all of your sales, track your inventory and more, directly from the iPad. Plus, restaurant iPad POS systems are mobile and can connect to any Wi-Fi network. You can use them at the table or on a counter, or you can carry it around.

If you are considering a restaurant iPad POS system, here are a few of the benefits and features they offer.

Table-side Payment Processing

With iPad POS systems, you have the luxury of being mobile. Some restaurants have even started putting iPad at tables so customers can order and pay without talking to a server. When your customers’ checks are ready, you can process their payments right at the table. Instead of taking their credit cards to the register and bringing back a receipt for them to sign, you can process their cards and have them sign directly on the iPad. This streamlines the payment process both for customers and your employees.

Inventory Management

Your iPad POS system automatically tracks your inventory. It will also provide you with a detailed list of which items you are running low on and need to refill soon. You can even set the system up so that you receive email notifications when it is time to restock specific ingredients. A good iPad POS system will also show you which ingredients are your most popular. This lets you stay on top of your ordering and lets you see which items are customer favorites.

Cloud Access

The information your iPad POS processes is stored in the cloud. This means that you can access your account from any internet-enabled device. If you need to make changes to your inventory, you can easily do so from your desktop computer, as making big changes with a screen and keyboard is easier than entering a lot of data from an iPad. When you make changes from the desktop, the system will automatically update so you can see all of your changes from the iPad in real time.

Easy Setup

One of the greatest benefits of using an iPad POS system is how easy the systems are to use and set up. All that is required to operate an iPad POS system is an iPad, the cloud-based software and a credit card reader, which is often provided by the credit card processor your POS provider partners with.

After you set up your account, you and your employees will instantly be able to use your iPad POS system to assist your customers and place orders. The simplicity of an iPad system ensures that nearly everyone will be able to use the program without needing in-depth training. If you do need to offer training to your employees, many POS system providers offer help and support for getting started.