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iPad POS stands – the five most stylish and functional

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Forget clunky cash registers. iPad-based point of sale (POS) systems are a growing trend among the millions of retail outlets, restaurants, gyms and other customer-facing businesses across the globe. They offer more flexibility, more salability and lower start-up costs than traditional POS equipment.

iPad POS can also be synonymous with your brand. For example, Victoria Beckham’s London boutique is more akin to a modern art gallery than clothing store, and iPad technology fits in with her simple, sleek and elegant branding.

If you have or are considering adopting an iPad POS for your business, then you may have given some consideration to where it will be placed. There is now a wide range of iPad POS stands on the market. We have put together five of the most stylish and functional ones that could suit your business.


Heckler Design Windfall

If you are looking for a sleek, minimalist and modern stand for your iPad POS, the Heckler Design Windfall may well be the ideal choice for you. It retains the slim profile of the iPad, yet provides the strength and durability needed for constant use.

Cut from high-quality powder-coated steel, the Heckler stand is available for different iPad models, in a range of colours and with different prices based on your requirements.

These secure stands in powder-coated steel are not fully enclosed, meaning all connectors, switches, speakers and microphones are fully accessible and functional. A wireless connection to receipt printers and cash drawers would complement the minimalist look of the stand, which can also be securely mounted to the counter to prevent theft.

The regular Windfall is suitable for iPad Air, Air 2, Pro 9.7″, 2017 (5th generation) and 2018 (6th generation) and sells at £99 + VAT. There’s also a stand for iPad Pro 12.9″ for the same price and iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 and 4 for £83.

Although a flip would have been useful, there is no denying that the slide function and huge selection of colours available make it easy to find one that is suitable for your counter.


SumUp Tablet Stand

If you are looking for a tablet stand that is ethical, natural and beautifully designed, the SumUp tablet stand may be your perfect choice. Created from PEFC-certified ecological and ethically sourced wood from the German forests, the ergonomic beech and oak design is finished with a clear lacquer to give it more resilience to dirt and wear and tear.

A turntable on the foot makes it fully rotatable, and the stand can be secured to your countertop using the provided lock and thread.

The iPad can also be mounted and locked to the stand, keeping it safe and secure.

The only real negative is that your iPad needs to be attached to the mounting plate with adhesive, which is tricky to remove. However, this makes it compatible with any size and variety of iPad.

While it has been developed for SumUp’s point of sale system, it will look good with any POS counter in need of a wooden touch.

This unusual iPad stand is available as part of a POS hardware package from SumUp, whom you will need to contact for a quote. However, you can now also buy it on its own online from the UK-based Pos-Hardware Ltd for £135 + VAT.


Studio Proper P/O/S Swivel Stand

Minimalism is the key defining feature of the Proper P/O/S Swivel Stand. Standing just 3 inches tall and made of silver aluminium, it is almost imperceptible beneath your iPad, giving it the appearance of floating just above the counter. It is also wall-mountable.

Despite its tiny size, it is a durable piece of equipment with the ability to rotate 180 degrees for easy screen sharing, and you can use it in landscape and portrait configurations. The sleek design is also complemented by integrated cable routing through the base.

The Swivel has been designed for use with Proper’s Lock Belt – a beautiful aluminium clamp that fits snugly to your iPad, secured with two clamp screws. The Lock Belt has a Kensington Lock anchor point which acts as a complete anti-theft solution. There is a variety of clamps available to suit different iPad models.

If you are searching for a virtually invisible solution to your iPad stand requirements, you can purchase the Swivel for £129 + VAT and the Lock Belt for an additional £93.75.

There’s also a newer model available, the Proper P/O/S Pivot Stand. As the name implies, instead of swivelling the stand, you can flip the screen between the customer-facing and till-facing angles. The Pivot Stand is available to order from Studio Proper for US$99.95. Their products are designed in Melbourne exclusively for Apple and are shipped anywhere in the world for free.


Square Stand

Much chunkier than many others on the market, the Square Stand is also heavier at 2.24 kg and more visible at 23.9 cm high. The robust metal skeleton is finished with a molded plastic exterior available only in one colour: glossy white. While this looks clean and modern, it isn’t the easiest design to blend with branding and could stick out like a sore thumb in some environments.

The stand supports iPad Air, Air 2, Pro 9.7″, 2017 (5th generation) and 2018 (6th generation). A key benefit is that the Square Stand can be rotated at the base to turn towards the customer who can then enter their PIN on the screen (a necessity for chip and PIN payments via Square Reader). iPads can be locked into the stand, while the included security kit lets you keep it firmly attached to the sales counter, decreasing risk of theft.

Square Stand has a functioning swipe slot at the front for magnetic stripe cards, which is great if you need to accept payments from American tourists with swipe card.

The stand can be purchased for £129 + VAT (offers may apply) as part of a set including the Square Stand, Square Reader and charging Dock for the card reader.


Bouncepad Flip

We end with the most expensive of our iPad POS stands, the simple but effective Flip from UK company Bouncepad. Although not the prettiest design on the market, it is definitely very functional. The base is a prism design that hides the power adaptor, offering robustness and supreme stability.

The stand features a wide iPad faceplate and is made of powder-coated stainless steel. While the default colours on offer are black and white, the makers can also offer a custom colour for an additional cost (price given on request).

Weighing between 2.86 kg (Mini size) and 3.27 kg (Maxi size), the Bouncepad Flip is one of the larger designs on the market. As well as freestanding use, it can be attached to the counter top using a 4-screw system, minimising risk of theft. As the name suggests, the design allows the iPad to be flipped over for easy customer use, making it a popular choice in many retail outlets.

Bouncepad Flip can be bought in three sizes: Mini (for iPad Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3 and Mini 4), Midi (for iPad Air 1, Generation 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, and Pro 9.7″) and Maxi (for iPad Pro 10.5″). It costs £195 + VAT.

If larger, intensive-use iPad stands are going to be more suitable for your point of sale, the Bouncepad Flip should be a definite contender.


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